Cul De Sac

by Free Fall

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Recorded during 2015 at Hernest Herband Studios , Drums recorded at Mix Studios by George Brigos and Fotis Demertzis.Produced mixed and mastered by Joan at Zona Sound


released March 1, 2016

Artwork by Nikos Tsiolis
Photos by Vaggelis Neofotistos



all rights reserved


freefall Thessaloniki, Greece

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Track Name: The Worn Out Act Of Tolerance
enough! we have taken so much!
we are running out, out of tolerance!
everybody tries to find someone to blame
everybody slowly somehow walks away
everybody steals but none ever pays
everybody sees but none ever speaks

no more givers, we are awake
we are no dreamers
liars! traitors! now your reign
is over

hatred!let us scream one more time
Bowing down, we will not waste our lives
we can't anymore pretend its ok
time to act is here, today is the day
we can't anymore look the other way
we have bark enough now it's time to bite

no more givers, we are awake
we are no dreamers
liars! traitors!now your days
are ending
Track Name: LIfe Deprived
scavengers of humans sorrow
feasting greedy upon the weak
filthy tv prophets spreading
fear and lies amongst the meak
breeding blind and mindless people
working class dependency
future is just built on flimsy
fountains of stupidity

fire! before submission
falling! life deprived

brainwashed minds no youth gone wild
empty shells without free will
no ideas no dreams no feelings
a flock of sheep ready to kneel
stereotypes are blinding people blocking (the) way
to carry on
the religion's union alies poisonning
goes on and on

fire! before submission
falling! life deprived
Track Name: Foodchain
from their cryptic vaults they rise
here comes an army of immortals
for blood they seek, they crave for flesh
mankind's drowning in hopelesness

rotten corpses without skin
trying to satisfy their hunger
deep into sweetest carnal sin
insticts (are) awaken from their slumber

run protect your lives

all the undead resurect
holy quest for human flesh
for this mankind there 's no hope
foodchain changes, natures joke

as the reign of dark begins
their need to feast is growing stronger
find a shelter make it your grave
tonight in red we all shall pay

run proclaim your minds

all the undead resurect
holy quest for human flesh
for this mankind there 's no hope
foodchain changes, natures joke
Track Name: All Hopes Collapsed
numbness has conquered all these lands
dead air mutes the fallen's cries
bleakness! The reign of apathy
all is lost, no words to the wise

no future for our children
no icons left to trust
no time for repentance
it all began so fast

terror, chaos has prevail
we are heading towards to our end
drowning, in waters of demise
no escape, this is our great descent

No future for our children
our idols (are) left to rust
no time for repentance
it all began so fast

entering the realm of decay
festering whats left of worlds prey
condemned to suffer eternally
no way out, all hopes collapsed

embrace the sorrow of loss
defend your life without remorse
its just every man for himself
no way out all hopes collapsed
Track Name: Mortals Sing To Gods
first fire falling from the sky
worship it
first rain falling on the ground
worship it
blowing air, whispers in your ear
worship it
build the statues and kneel
offer gold, blood and skin
into a void labyrinth you don't understand

but still mortals sing to gods
never stop, fear the punishment upon them

symbols, crosses, candles, prayers
save your souls at any cost
judge the society , carrying medusas head
screaming for justice and soul redemption
look to the sky for a gift of forgiveness
it's complicated

but still mortals sing to gods
never stop, fear the wrath upon them

now the gods have changed their minds
offer money, donate for a sinless soul
but still society obey and pray
you don't understand it

but mortal sings to gods
never stop the final verdict
Track Name: Cul De Sac
show me the way and let me pass
the paths i choose are forbiden
guide me through lifes burning road
towards dead ends i am always driven

cul- de - sack

show me the way and guide me through
help me escape from inertias embrace
armor my will and make me strong
free me from shame let me go on

I stand on the edge
I ve fallen from grace
the hope for redemption is erased
deleting my past, starting from scratch
the feeling of guilt is surpassed

tying a rope round my neck
every day i feel i wake up dead
i forgot whats my purpose
what did i come here to do?

I am losing my senses
tearing down my defences
burn my restrains to ground
release my hatred unbound

who am I? what did I do?
why does it feel like a dejavu?
Track Name: Behold The Truth
darkness has blinded your eyes
fools never seem to realise
prophets, cursed all mankind
unspeacable acts, none shall defy

through your words you've summoned me
with prayers and desires
with your praise I've gained the power I hold
when you named me messiah

but I deliver chaos
I am the bringer of doom

comming from nowhere, guided by darkness
lead you to a black hole (and) devour the light

but I never fall,neither I rise
I never put my self on your cross

i was told to save you
from all miseries
so i gifted you evil
when my power you seeked